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Safety, eco-design and recycling

At a time when environmental issues are high on the agenda, opting for products made of EPS, EPP and EPE is a wise choice in several respect s:

  • No use of CFCs or HCFCs or utilisation of toxic products,
  • Conservation and protection of natural resources (98% air for only 2% of material),
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions because of their lightness and insulating properties,
  • Guarantee of maximum recycling,
  • Processing and moulding only require a small amount of energy (steam) and do not generate waste (water consumption 3 times less than for the manufacture of the same packaging in cardboard).

X-Pack’s design office also ensures that the products produced are the most durable and reusable possible.

98% air, for only 2% of material

Products made of EPS and EPP are often composed of 98% air (for a density of 20 kg/m³). This means an enormous saving of raw material compared with most of the products used. Natural resources are preserved in this way.

Energy savings

EPS and EPP enable a rational use of energy :

  • Due to their high insulating properties, EPS and EPP make it possible to reduce consumption of non-renewable, natural resources (energy).
  • Since they are extremely light, packaging and parts made of EPS and EPP contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption during transport or while they are being used. (8 times lighter than cardboard).

100% recycling

Packaging waste and other waste from expanded products (EPS, EPP, etc.) are collected from sorting centres and through industrial sectors. They are recycled by specialised bodies so as to be recovered and reprocessed in the form of ground or densified products that will make it possible to produce other new items. Meanwhile, dirty waste can be recovered and recycled in the production of energy through incineration.

X-Pack states a commitment !

X-Pack proposes a collection and recycling service designed to assist the different economic stakeholders in EPS recycling.

This collection makes it possible to recover clean EPS non used product, scraps packaging or dunnage, whether marketed by X-Pack or not, and to insert it into a responsible and reliable collection and recycling chain, guaranteeing the traceability of materials. This service testifies to X-Pack’s environmental commitment and its willingness to support its customers in this process.

In concrete terms, X-Pack makes payable collection bags available to professionals and each of these bags can contain one cubic metre of EPS. Companies may fill them only with clean expanded polystyrene. Once they have been filled, companies can bring the bags, which will then be conveyed by X-Pack to authorised recycling sites.

X-Pack is dedicated to zero littering & combating ocean pollution.

EPS and EPP play only a minor part in marine litter, but we are doing our part to reduce the accidental loss of pellets, flakes, and powder from the processing facility into the environment in order to keep our nature and our coasts clean.

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